About Real Gospel

About Real Gospel

Real Gospel features music from the legends of gospel, a mixture of today’s gospel, industry news, and industry interviews. It's one of the fastest growing syndicated gospel programs available today and continues to grow reaching an unspecified amount of people, locally, nationally and globally. It consists of independent and national artist from around the world, (Mastered material), without losing sight of the Billboard artists. Real Gospel’s flag ship station is JAZZY 88.1 FM WFSK. Because WFSK is a Billboard reporting station, artists gain an extra benefit by being on the local playlist as well as the syndicated playlist. The show also gives a voice to the local independent artist from around the country as well as the well-known super stars of the gospel music industry through interviews. It’s a mixture of inspirational, contemporary, and traditional gospel. 

Weekend Show

The weekend show 3 hours and is designed to air Friday through Sunday during any day part and includes, gospel news from industry professionals, a real flash back song every hour, interviews with the gospel industry’s top professionals as well as recording artists alongside emerging artists. The show airs Traditional gospel every 4th weekend of the month which receives the largest response from the listeners all over the globe. In short, they love it! 

Weekday Show

The weekday show is a 3 hour evergreen show designed to air Monday through Thursday in any day part and is music driven. More music less talk allows the show to play over 144 artist a week or 576 artists a month not including the weekend show

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