Mrs. Elosie Ford-Gaffney Chair, Women's Division Birmingham, AL and head of the the Birmingham Community Mass Choir is my guest and you don't want to ...View Details

Gary Swindell Interview

Gary Swindell Jr is my guest and you don't want to miss this interview by this anointed man of God! We talk ministry, music, family, and he gives advi...View Details

Ted & Sheri Interview

Ted & Sheri are my guests on the show and we really play catch up on their careers which go back years! What's Sheri been up to, what's Ted been u...View Details

Doe Intertview

Doe returns as my guest and we have a lot to catch up on! We haven't spoken in years so we'll catch up on her solo career, her fashion styles, her man...View Details

Tamela Mann Interview

Tamela Mann returns as my guest on the show and we get to catch up on so much. Her new clothing line, her new tv show, and her new music. Her song, "H...View Details

Joanna Hale- McGill

Joanna Hale- McGill is my guest and if you've never heard a testimony story, this one's for you! You'll hear her incredible story about how she tried ...View Details

J Mitch Interview

J Mitch is a one of the best in the industry and his name rings bells. J grew up in Cali, and grew up GOGIC. He sang with the GMWA, Edwin Hawkins. He ...View Details

The nephew of Bishop Norman Hutchins, Antione Hutchins is my guest and you don't want to miss this conversation. We'll discuss everything from pastori...View Details

Dr. Foranda Williamson returns as my guest and she never disappoints. She and I will get caught up on how things have been since the last time we spok...View Details

Gene Hoskins Interview

Gene Hoskins is my guest and he's one of the music industries best kept secrets! Gene joins me to talk about life, family, God, and the story behind h...View Details

Keith Wonderboy Johnson returns as my guest and we get to hear what he's been doing for the past few years, how ministry is going for him and what's t...View Details

Quianna Crute Interview

Quianna Crute is my guest and she doesn’t disappoint. I got to meet her and watch her minister before the people of God and she truly knows how to ush...View Details

Jules Juda Interview

Jules Juda is my special guest and we get to hear how Sarah Jakes ended up on his latest single, "Revival". "REVIVAL" is a feel good, good news anthem...View Details

Pastor Eric Alexander of the St. Luke Reunion Choir is my guest and you'll hear a dynamic interview! He'll talk about pastoring during the pandemic, h...View Details

From Montreal Canada Ariel Fitz-Patrick is my guest. Her new song "Something Special" is taking off all over the country and you'll find out why! She'...View Details

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